Drew Montgomery


Montgomery Pottery at Webatuck Craft Village
17 Dog Tail Corners Rd • Wingdale, NY 12594
The village, founded in 1747 is set on the 10 Mile River a few miles from the Appalachian trail. With only a few shops, it still has many great old buildings, including an old copper knocker shop. Drew produces decorative and functional stoneware, Raku, Pit-fired and horse hair pottery. Classes and workshops are also offered.






Amy Brenner

AmyBrenner_2019_ClayWay_wired dog.jpg

My portrait plates of people and animals employ a combination of slips, sgraffito carving and painting with underglazes. They are idiosyncratic, don’t take themselves too seriously and fulfill my compulsion to draw. I also love to throw on the wheel and produce well designed tableware that is functional and decorative. I do all my production in my home studio with a beautiful view in every season, that sits at the end of a dead end road just over the NY/CT border.

131 Old Branch Rd. • Wingdale, NY 12594





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Ann Heywood

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I work from my home studio in Wingdale, NY.  I fire mid-range stoneware in my electric kiln and also high-fire stoneware in wood and soda kilns at the Alison Palmer Studio in Kent, CT. I am drawn to simple and elegant forms and I enjoy playing with the contrast between a dark clay and light glazes and with the way some glazes interact with the dark clay below.

54 Askins Rd.
Wingdale NY 12594


(646) 387-8331‬


Brendan Moore


Brendan’s work is inspired by Shaker design and traditional Japanese wood-fired pottery. With more than a decade of experience, he has developed a series of simple forms and hand mixed clays for wood-firing. This careful combination has resulted in beautiful and functional works that reflect an ongoing exploration of form and fire.

South Kent School at 40 Bulls Bridge Road, South Kent CT, 06785