November 16 & 17 – 2019 • 10AM-5PM

Join us for our fourth annual road tour of 11 of the great clay studios, featuring 15 artists in and around Litchfield County at the height of the leaf color season. 

November 16-17        10am-5pm      11 Studios      15 Artists


In order to print the above map, drag the map to your desktop. It will appears as a .jpg file and ready to print.

When you are in the area of the artist, look for the “ClayWay” signs and you will be directed towards their studio:

Alison Palmer

mixed animal jars.jpg

I strive to achieve a lighthearted meld of human forms, animals and the vessel. These anthropomorphic figures are developed by hand building or throwing and altering the clay. All of my work is either wood or soda fired to cone 10.  The atmosphere of the soda, fire and ash contribute to the spontaneous and unpredictable finish which gives the pieces a primitive, elemental look.

48 Stone Fences Lane*  • South Kent, CT  06785

*(may be spelled “StoneFences” for GPS)



Missy Stevens

Piney Woods Whistle jpg.jpg

For many years I have made joyful objects with fabric and thread. About 10 years ago I also started playing with clay, and quickly fell down the rabbit hole! I enjoy surface decoration that may tell a story, and fire in electric or wood kilns. I make whistles, cups, and small sculptures. The through line from my fabric work to clay is celebration of the magical elements of the natural world, animals, plants, water. All of this nurtures me everyday and I hope will delight you.

Missy Steven will be a guest at The Alison Palmer Studio


cell 860-874-5813

Elizabeth MacDonald

Wall 2.jpeg

In the early eighties, my ceramic work became largely about the grid and its relationship to the organic.  By layering dry pigment on wet clay squares, I use color and texture to invoke spontaneity, as well as the appearance of age.

Elizabeth MacDonald will be a guest at The Alison Palmer Studio



Joy Brown

Working with clay and wood firing is a way of life for me. It has challenged and nurtured me and transformed my life for 40 years. My pots, figures and wall murals are fired in the anagama (wood firing tunnel kiln) here at my studio. You can see the kiln, studio, showroom and work in progress. 

463 Segar Mt Rd •South Kent, CT  06785



Christine Owen


Christine Owen makes pottery and sculpture informed by historic tin ware, Japanese functional pottery and the tactile experience of working with clay. The details in her work reference the rigid processes of tin-smithing and yet the soft nature of clay coupled with the wood firing process results in warm, welcoming work. 

240 Cornwall Rd. • Warren, CT 06754