Deb Lecce

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Over 35 years ago I walked into the ceramics room. This day would change my life. Working in clay keeps me calm. It is how I process life. As the seasons change, so does my inspiration – quiet times I hold for sculpture, active times I find myself creating vessels for food and garden adornment. I enjoy working in a variety of clays and firing in different kilns. This piece was fired In Joy Brown’s anagama kiln, the patina you see is the kiss of fire and ash.


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Barbara Allen













I consider all of my work sculpture. A bowl or a figure holds the same consideration and importance.  Each work is one of a kind in form and surface as I strive to capture it’s intuitive and natural spirit. This drove my exploration of atmospheric firings that paint surfaces with fire, wood and soda ash. Not all work will survive the firing or the artist’s scrutiny, but those that do will tell a story of creation that can never be replicated.

Barbara will be Elizabeth’s guest at The Elizabeth MacDonald Studio.

Tom White

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My focus has always been on function; Pots that are a joy to use, pots that give the user both comfort and mystery, pots that are enjoyed like an old friend and yet bring new discoveries with daily use. One might find a certain area of the glaze previously undiscovered or a small finger print at the base of a handle. I often wonder where my pots will go and how they’ll be used, and hope those using them will get as much enjoyment from them as I did on the day I made them.

Tom will be Alison’s guest at The Alison Palmer Studio.

48 Stone Fences Lane* • South Kent, CT 06785

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Naoko Ojio


I grew up in the suburbs of Nagoya in Japan where has a long history of ceramics. I started taking classes and working with clay since I moved to the U.S. in 2003. Working with clay and people have encouraged me in many ways and enriched my life. Some of my pieces are fired in the anagama kiln at Joy Brown’s.

Naoko will be Joy’s guest at Joy Brown’s Studio.

Ann Mallory

ALM 441a

My most recent series, large MEMORY STONES, are intended as outdoor markers of quiet beauty and visceral mass, both compelling to touch, and mutely attesting to complicated personal stories. Inspired in part by reading that after the devastating tsunami of 2011, mysterious stone slabs where found near the high water marks, well above the destroyed Japanese ports. These slabs, obscured by decades of jungle overgrowth, were carved with ancient warnings not to build on lower ground. In that spirit, I offer my Memory Stones as talismans, witnesses and reminders to metaphorically keep our lives on higher ground, learn from our mistakes and contain the overgrowth.  There is also the old aphorism ‘carved in stone’ that expresses the general truth of how to preserve that which is sacred and timeless knowledge for the tribe. Such are the high-fired ceramic Memory Stones but without words. – Ann Mallory, 2017

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Elizabeth Macdonald


With clay, I try to create the effects of intimacy and vastness through the use of fragmentation. Small surface elements draw the viewer into a larger context where hundreds of parts interact to form a whole. Marks of color, texture and layers of powdered ceramic stain are revealed as finished surfaces after the firing. As I choose powders of one imagined hue to mingle with another, I know that every bit of pigment, though hidden in the powdered mixture, will affect the whole. Results of this initial process become the chaos of fragments from which I work. Each element becomes a discovery.

175 Weewaka Brook Road • Bridgewater, CT



Peter Kukresh

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My pieces fall into two categories: sculptural and inadvertently functional. The sculptural pieces are my abstract flights of fancy. My functional pieces aren’t intended as such per se, function as afterthought, yet they can serve a purpose.

Peter will be Alison’s guest at The Alison Palmer Studio.

48 Stone Fences Lane* • South Kent, CT 06785

*(may be spelled “StoneFences” for GPS)