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Ann Mallory

ALM 441a

My most recent series, large MEMORY STONES, are intended as outdoor markers of quiet beauty and visceral mass, both compelling to touch, and mutely attesting to complicated personal stories. Inspired in part by reading that after the devastating tsunami of 2011, mysterious stone slabs where found near the high water marks, well above the destroyed Japanese ports. These slabs, obscured by decades of jungle overgrowth, were carved with ancient warnings not to build on lower ground. In that spirit, I offer my Memory Stones as talismans, witnesses and reminders to metaphorically keep our lives on higher ground, learn from our mistakes and contain the overgrowth.  There is also the old aphorism ‘carved in stone’ that expresses the general truth of how to preserve that which is sacred and timeless knowledge for the tribe. Such are the high-fired ceramic Memory Stones but without words. – Ann Mallory, 2017

273 Westwood Rd. • Woodbury, CT 06798




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