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October 7•8•9 / 2017

Join us on the second annual road tour of 15 of the great clay studios, featuring 18 artists, in and around Litchfield County at the start of the leaf color season. We are part of American Craft Week, a nationwide celebration of American craft and all it creates: jobs, vibrant communities, economic growth, an exceptional national heritage and a beautiful aesthetic for our homes and public places.

Come join us on this Columbus Day weekend!


15 Studios • 18 Artists

Clay Way map art.jpg

You can print a general map (above), depicting where all 15 studios are located.   Just drag the map onto your desktop and print. Each individual has a map link attached as well. When you are in the area of the artist, look for the “ClayWay” signs and you will be directed towards their studio.

For a brochure with a map and a list of participating artists, including their contact information, please email Linda Boston at bostonpt@sbcglobal.net and include your address. We’ll send one right away.

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